Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dave Rat Blog - Wander and Ponder

Wander and Ponder

Big Day Out show 2 done and missing doing our own shows a bit.  Festivals can be fun but I prefer doing our own tours at this point. That said, being in Australia easily makes up for it.

So after a show and three full days off in the Gold Coast, it is now time to rock Adelaide today. There was much healthy fun to be had in the Australian sun, but first something I google stumbled on when doing a search for spokeless wheels

Now here is a concept I don't see back home, giant tubes of dog food yum!

Off to adventure south a bit down the wild and wonderful Australia coast.

Oh what will we find

Perhaps exotic critters

and such perfect place for a swim, and of course I did!

Shhhh, he's sleeping

Watch out for speeding Koala's

Super cool $20 a day board rentals

Hey look, a board from my home town Oxnard!

Darn it, the waves look fun but there are so few people to share them with.

Oh well, at least its not stunning here

And  not just fun in the sun, I did a seminar with a great group of soundies at BSG, thank you Rosh and all for taking such great care of us!

On the Soundtools front, the new Senn to Shure adapters are done and ready to ship:

with more on the way with a DMX version of the  XLR Sniffer/Sender and Polar Pointer soon to come.

I did another seminar in Adelaide straight off the plane flight and kept everyone up to near 1 am  Really digging this go-go-go nonstop thing.  Thank you Andrew and Luke! I am so looking forward to trying to line up a worldwide seminar tour adventure.

Thought of the day:

Consistent work in a positive direction will bring positive results over time.
Or conversely, 
If you are not seeing desirable results then there must be flaws in the direction, consistency or persistence.

Bummer of the Day

A small handbag with cash and a very sentimental ring belonging to Kim has gone missing from her suitcase at the Marriott in Gold Coast. Super sucks but ya never know, if by some magic reason it turns up or anyone sees it somewhere, it would make a great story of happiness to see it unvanish

Ok, off to the Big Day Out gig in Adelaide and see if I can find and unravel some mysteries.

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