Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dave Rat Blog - Patience and Smiles

Fell asleep on the plane as it pulls away from the gate only to wake up two hours later freezing cold. Shit, why are the doors open? Why are we so close to the ground? Why is the airport still hanging out under the plane?

Just because they can't find source of a burning wire smell, we gotta switch planes? Whatever. Well, at least it so far looks like they are gonna get us out of here. Not that I don't love Frankfurt, only that spending a chunk o time in holding pattern awaiting a 'whenever' to leave is not high on my list of happy thoughts right now.

Last show of the first of 8 three week full production tour legs was yesterday in Frankfurt at the notorious Festhalle. The shows have been great and even losing a 1/2 song to a flying beer in Rotterdam could not quell the momentum. I am carrying a big and beautiful K1 system from High Lite sound in Czech Republic, that truly is a dream

Home. 12 days off hurray. See the girls, surf and all of my Rat family! It's official, Rat now owns the building in which it wiill reside! Hey, this is a major milestone for tiny little rebellious punk rock sound company from Hermosa Beach.

But wait, I'm not going home, at least yet, by some odd luck of fate, two Soundgarden shows fit perfectly in the tour break gap. So instead it's off to Dallas for me. Or at least that is what I thought when I closed my eyes on a plane 2 hours ago.
Dave Rat