Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dave Rat Blog - Last Aussie Show

Perth show today and the last of the Big Day Out gigs as we wind down the Australia adventure. 

Secrets to happy road crews:

Good food and comfy shelter (and delicious drinks)

Excellent food and a great place to sleep will easily win the dedication of a road crew. So happy to see the same amazing catering we had at the New Zealand show back up in Melbourne

Especially considering how fried we all were doing back to back gigs with a 4:40 am lobby call to the airport.

to fly from Adelaide to Melbourne

And straight from landing off to the hotel Simon Stav rocked Kim and I right into a seminar

 and then off to the gig

And yay look! Scotty has set up lampi world sideways like me. 

Some noise regulations are more strict than others

The Killers rock the Green stage side by side to the Blue

 right before Peppers

Then a quick nights sleep and off to Perth and straight into yet another seminar with many cool sound humans.  Oh and an awesome adventure to Perth's Little Ceasars (not the US chain) for some amazing food, thank you Andrew Gissing!

Kinda cool to see modern versions of old school punk flyers 

String those trailers up for a long haul!

So on another front, my current Google pondering searches found me reading more about something I read a while back that left a strong impression:

That includes the quite interesting:

The Urgent/Important Matrix

Covey time management matrix 001 001

Wherein you divide all the things you do up into the four quadrants and if you do things right you can work you way into a low stress, highly productive lifestyle of quadrant #2.

I highly recommend as a read for those of you seeking a stronger grasp on guiding your life in a desired direction. So it turns out that his son has written a book as well that seems quite interesting and on point:

"Identify a person that you work with and whom you have a high-trust relationship.
Jot down your first impressions to these questions:
  1. What is it like to work with this person?
  2. What is it like to communicate with this person?
  3. How fast can you get things done?
  4. What kind of results are you able to achieve?
Now identify a second person that you need to work with but with whom you have a low-trust relationship or with whom the trust-level is not where you want it to be. Now re-answer those same questions.
Describe the difference in these relationships."
Alright, enough business nerdery.  How about we take a look back at the rock show? Andrew also gave me a heads up on noise limit issues:
Looks like the noise limits tonight could be a bit more strict and I was also sent the following:
"There will be compliance officers and police onsite to enforce the conditions of the permit , in particular the noise limits with threats of arrest to the key event people in case of non compliance."
At least they moved the set times up so that Peppers' show time ends at 9:30 rather than 10pm.  That would have really sucked to lose volume mid show. We'll see how it goes, I try not to stress too much on things beyond my control and will do my best to rock regardless.
Off to find coffee and head to the gig!
Oh, looks like Gold Coast is taking a water hit not long after we left


  1. I miss Australia and family there. Weird to think my mom's alarm clock that I gave her yesterday for her bday, would be louder than some shows(113 db)! Have heard of the books -very interesting. I am off to make my coffee and paint - glad you missed the cyclone

  2. I love seeing Lampi and Jim laughing so hard. They look like they are about to pee their pants! Fun times!