Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dave Rat Blog - Hot and Fast

 Okey dokey Sydney was super fun but way too short of a stay. We all stayed out near Circle Quay which I never have before, kinda cool being near the Ferry terminal and got to see the Opera house up close too. Kim and I took a ferry ride to Manly Beach for a swim and a wander about

Then next stop was Sydney Seminar, thank you Simon, Tony and all. 

 Dinner with my super good friends Cat, Ady and new shorties, as time warp steps in. Tour life is like living a series of short movies all jumbled and spaced apart on a random playlist. And "oh, I so forgot how much I love this" keeps coming round.

Happy Birthday Kim!

And after few too many beers and fun night out how about we do

 a rock show in an oven!

Stupid hot and crazy humid, its all about moving in slow motion

Oh, and while wandering, I spotted these ants.  Check out how fast they are! It's just crazy and they were non stop sprinting in every direction

Speaking of fast, they should always have toys at gigs backstage!

Some sort of weird cool plywood I have not seen before being used as utility decking.  I'm guesing its a down under version of chipboard

Checked out the Yeah Yeah Yeah's

Hey, no overheads looks cool!

A robot band plays between sets

And the Peppers were super fun!

And when all is said an done, we're off to Goldcoast

Oh, and does the water really spin the other way south of the equator? 

Well, not sure, I forgot to videotape which way it spins before I left but here is what the water does down here.

And off to breakfast and hello Goldcoast


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