Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dave Rat Porta-Blog RRHOF

I came into this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction adventure lumping the event in with award shows like the Grammy's and Academy Awards. You know that reality TV mentality that survives off of pitting artists and actors against each other in events that they never intended on competing?

The hypocrisy of award shows where popularity versus talent clash as and if too much attention to obscure talent is paid, the audience shrinks and if too much of the pre contrived bias toward following profits shows through, credibility dwindles.

And as walk through the RRHOF museum I realize I was wrong, this is really cool, standing at a display between the Clash, Blondie, Fear, Black Flag, Mudhoney, Soundgarden and more, I found my era, at least the forming of adventures that brought me here and it sure felt good to stand there.

Shhh, I found after that I was not supposed to take pics, but hey, if iwe followed all the rules, rock and roll would never have existed to have a hall of fame for me to the break the rules.

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  1. The museum and the annual induction are two very different things. Who gets in is hugely subjective and subject to much controversy and second guessing. (GnR? Really?) But the museum....hallowed ground.