Wednesday, April 11, 2012

CD's, albums and MP3's are an attempt to capture a sound, a feel and a state of mind then presenting it using the technology that was prevalent at the time. Mono, then stereo and now surround sound but nowhere in the creation of the actual music do multiple instruments radiate from solitary sound sources. In the real world each instrument occupies a unique place in the physical space that surrounds us. We now have the technology to offer recordings that more distinctly mirror the actual spacial context of the original source.

The mindset of the recording industry and delivery system is entrenched in limiting the end user. Limiting the control over the mix and over dynamic range to plop prepackaged music into our laps, which is fine for those that desire it.

In live audio we do not face those limitations, we do not have to play by those same rules. Nothing says we have to pass through the stereo paradigm as we strive to amplify and connect the essence of the artist offering it to those that wish to immerse themselves in the experience.

So seminar world continues and the unexpected complexities of this adventure are awesome

Thank you Carl for hosting at the Raleigh Theater, the largest venue I have ever "played" to a sold out audience of  a couple 6 packs.

Greensboro crew, so sorry I spaced a photo in Charlotte

And thank you Kim, I really could not do these without you.  The seemingly simple task of getting a dozen audio humans together is was miles beyond what i expected.  Kim is out here on tour with me arranging rooms and taking care of logistics. Also thank you Daniella, Danalle, Jessica and Cassi back at Rat as well. I really appreciate all the work you all are doing to make these seminars happen.

And back to the rock show, say hey to Kelo, sound eng for Santi Gold and beyond cool with great mixes.

Tomorrow is our our last Santi Gold show and I must say that one of the highlights of each day is Iku, Ian and Ray coming to hang at FOH during peppers set, gonna miss you guys.

Yay Santi Gold!

Ahh and back to the other reality of a Cracker Barrel bus stop awaiting hotel rooms

Seth and Monkey

And what better time to get the tools out, completely disassemble my camera and fix the flash from dropping it a few days ago


And for the best spirally adventure award, I go swimming in the morning, and lose one ear plug.  Of course I swim with my only set of molded ear protectors. An vanishing between m the pool and my room is my right ear plug.  The Proximity Hotel staff was awesome, they even brought in someone to search the elevator shaft and scouring every inch between no success.

Ha, and only hear a radio call at the gig the next day.  Yep, of course none other than Narci, our production manager found an ear plug in the elevator.  Aaargh, happy, and thank you!!


  1. I'm looking in to getting a pair of molded ear plugs. what do you use? do you like them?

  2. Well put Dave! Had an awesome time at your seminar I learned a lot and reinforced some things I already learned. Kim was awesome and so were you my friend. I just wish my recorder wouldn't have deleted the entire seminar. It's cool I catch it again next time you come through. Thanks man and be safe out there on the road.