Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dave Rat Blog - Peppers US Leg 1 Done Homeward Bound

One of the most exciting aspects of rock and roll touring is that you get to carry a really giant passport and so my travels continue.

Say hey to the Memphis Seminar crew! What I am striving to do is communicate a universal theory encompassing live sound. Our purpose in live audio is not perfect sound, rather it is way more important, our goal is to help create unforgettable memories. So understanding and controlling the wave forms from where they are created, through the gear, back into the ears and then looking at ways to improve the audience experience as whole. 

How can we not be awed by innovation! 

And speaking of awe, nothing more thrilling than a TV filmed gig to really raise the roadie spirits. Though I must admit that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame folks were super cool.

But once the Roots started rocking Beastie Boys songs, it was really cool.

Got a bit of Axl-less GnR. Oh well, not a big Axl fan anyway.  He once tried to fight Karrie, mydaughter mom when she was doing monitors for them at Perkins Palace in Pasadena in the late 80's.  Never liked him.

The Peppers' speeches were heart felt and cool

Got some Peppers rock

A huge party jam

Back to the hotel by 3am and then a 7 am load in to do a benefit for Obama campaign volunteerism

And about to hit send as they are calling my name to get on the plane home.  Alrighty then, a few days home and off to Coachella.  
Rock on!


  1. Axl is an asshole, a legend in his own mind- never liked him either...and the fact he tried to get into an altercation with Karrie just confirms to me my instincts are on target. So he didn't show at the HOF, ....and nothing of value was lost. Roots and Beasties...damn, that's cool!

  2. No Paul Schaffer at Hall of Fame? Were The Roots the house band??

  3. Amongst the craziness of Coachella, are you doing a seminar?