Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dave Rat Seminar Adventure

Yay, new adventure! Off to Peppers' tour tomorrow and I think have found something to keep me challenged and should be fun.  I've decided I am going to do some sound seminars while I on tour and share real time information as well as speak on a variety of subjects.  If all goes as planned, the seminars will be on show days from 12 to 3pm or so at the crew hotel in a small meeting room. Looking at keeping things fairly small, say 12 people or so and I have basic outlines of 4 seminars listed but the topics are flexible and will spend some time covering just about any subject requested.

If you would be interested in hanging out and getting all sound nerdery, go to for more info.

Cool cool, that's about it for now as I need to pack up my bags and get busy getting organized.

Dave Rat


  1. what a very cool, cool idea...;) Have fun Rat, see u in Aug.

  2. Hey Dave, do you have plans to film them and upload them? I'm probably a bit below the experience qualification, but I'd love to soak up whatever knowledge nuggets you guys leave behind during these.

  3. Hi Dave,

    Will there be any transcripts or recordings like they do at the AES for those who can't attend or live outside the USA?