Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dave Rat Blog - Oh My, Adventure July

Cool cool, doing a blog post of pic that I never (I think) got around to blog posting. So here is 40 snapshots of how I spent July 2011.

This is an overhead shot of the sub setup I used for Soundgarden.  I call it "The Fan" and it is based on the rear  sub facing backwards (in polarity, no delay) and the front subs all at the same time delay (8.5 ms) that is equal to the distance between between the distance from center of the speaker side of the rear sub to centers of the front facing subs.

An overhead view of Soundgarden mix position.

Overhead of the Sun Fan with a blow through 8x8 stage tops so it can be used by the band to wander on.

And a bunch of Soundgarden pics!

So love the Dorroughs meters!

Clearly heroic!

Found these 30 seconds from Mars confetti papers and I had no doubt that taping them to everyone's mac was the right thing to do.

Found me a dragonfly,, made me happy

More sub Fan

Gotta love Red Rocks!

The back tilt achievable from the L-Acoustics K1 rig can really cover Red Rocks, one of the most challenging venues to hit well.

Drawing the distance arc to setup the sub Fan

The Fan!

Rat crew was awesome!

As were the backline techs

My daughter Maddie came to visit on the tour and spent a week on the road with me

Matt's MicroWedge 12/ MicroSub 15 drumfill setup. So good!

What better way to play pre show music than to rock it old school style!

Ok, so in the parking lot of the LA forum are the lodge seats they are replacing. Holly crap, I sat in one of these in 1977 for Led Zeppelin song remains the same tour. And rock again am I am as I briefly re-live the memory.

Shameless Rat swag promotion!

Another tough day in Ventura.

So happy to see Hutch and even happier to see he set his board up sideways as well, facing mine. So cool!

Taka rocks!

And Kurt Kirkwood, so good to see ya!

Cool cool, so enjoyed my Soundgarden July, will try and get a Peppers August up soon.


  1. Thanks for sharing...Kisses from Argentina Dave!

  2. You know the engineering geek speak always makes me hot, but then you whip out that sexy K-1 rig.

  3. Hi Dave thanks for sharing can you explain the set up for "the Fan " subs configuration..
    blessings from nicaragua

  4. When setting up your sub :fan: what spacing do you use for the outer subs. From sub to sub? What kind of splay do you usually set the speakers at? 45 degrees?