Friday, March 30, 2012

Dave Rat Blog - New Adventures

So the Peppers' show last night went really well, with the tour machine back up and running after 3 months down time we looking at a year or so of 3 weeks on 12 days off. Ominous yet and exciting as well.

So I did my first sound seminar in Tampa and it went well.  I get more nervous speaking to a small group of audio world humans than I do mixing a rock show for 10's of thousands of people.  All good.  Next one is Orlando tomorrow then Raleigh..

Some cool new toys and really happy with the changes we've made.

We now convert the analog out of my Midas H3000 to digital at FOH rather than the conversion happening in the amplifier processor, eliminating over 500 feet of analog return snake while not adding additional A/D conversions.  There are more details in my last blog post on the hardware and such.

Also by flying the amp racks we have reduced the speaker cable lengths from 150 feet to 75 feet or less. While I have not done a comparison between longer and shorter speaker cable yet, the fact that we have a redundant analog return snake lets us compare the sound of converting A/D at FOH versus converting A/D in the amp in real time with barely a glitch.

Here is of racks about to fly out

To test the audibility, I asked Jim to switch back and forth between the two without me knowing which was which.  I was able to call out the difference repeatedly and the was no question that the new setup offers clear and significant audible improvement. It is awesome to have what I believe to be the best sounding large scale system available take a full bump up in audible sound quality. Clearer highs and more dynamic sounding as well.

Though we have not compared long versus short speaker cables yet, the system does seem to have a more solid impact from low end from the flown arrays.

Also the metal grated tops for the SubFan arrays have come in for added rock factor.

I have a more to post but got to run.

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  1. Of course, you need to do a double-blind test to know if your answers weren't being influenced by Jim's subconscious facial tics and mannerisms....