Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fun fun fun on the ...

Random panic is a weakness exploited by the crafty. I find both sides of that equation apathetic. Being predictable offers a perfect opportunity to support the financial predators tracking you.

Wow! The TV news sure annoys me.

Airport adventure and off to Germany, bye bye for a month ending with South America stadium shows..

This last week was full of tying up loose ends and we will be moving fast and far.

This last week kept us busy with production rehearsals at the LA forum, a Fuse Tv video/sound recorded show at the Roxy and a benefit for Flea's Conservatory of Music school at Club Nokia.

Meanwhile, Rat Sound is still running on all cylinders. I was fortunate to be invited to a screening of Pearl Jam's new Cameron Crowe movie "20" and it was truly magical to see. Rat has had the honor of being trusted with their sound for 20 years now and it was wonderful to feel the connection with such a incredible band.

In one of the pics above you can see pearl jam's amp racks being prepped for the current tour.

Hey, check out my living room table with the ping pong mod!

Ok, plane is about to leave so I'll see ya all from the other side of the pond!
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  1. Oh Dave, is that a cheeto,cheese,mustard sandwich ?! LMAO! I want a ping pong table...I am a little jel, cool coffee table mod. See you in about half a year my friend and in the meantime, I will catch ya on your blog and various social media. I limit my news intake, least my mind explode from BS and the media's frankly atrocious way of using fear and general negative emotive, sensationalisim. Stay well and keep writing. ;)

  2. Nice. Do you know anything about the support act for the Cologne promo show on Tuesday? Thank you!

  3. P/s- I spy surfers journals...;)