Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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Oooh, Chili Peppers worldwide simulcast video shoot gig in Cologne.

First order of business, drop some subs to improve sightliines. I don't think anyone expected that, as I walked in and said "take away that, that and all of those please." I try to never lose track of the big picture, as much as I enjoy shoe-horning a giant PA in a small club, today is about getting a solid clean mix and steering clear of screwing the recording/broadcast truck sound. And no, it does not bother me or make upset, quite the opposite. I enjoy the challenge. I enjoy constantly changing parameters and redundant bores the shit out of me.

I'll be rocking a Verona console keeping my world slim and trim. My focus is also on keeping cohesion between all departments. Need backline to watch volume levels, gotta keep the truck happy, try and give the band the most condusive to rocking setup we can so they can do their magic. Hyper calm is magic plan, regardless of how hectIc or how much pressure presents itself. We got no problems, just challenges, solvable puzzles. And not many hours from now, Peppers will be playing live in movie theaters in 30 or 40 countries around the world.

On the pics above: check out giant archery chick! Looking like she should have a violin.

I thought the little wall spot for brooms and brushes was interesting, we usually hide that stuff.

The church view pic is from my morning run through cologne.

No one is gonna steal that fence!

Soundtip: The drumfill is part of your FOH drum sound. If you have fairly dead drums and a rocking drumfill, the combo when tuned right, will give you a huge drum sound. Yes, I know drummer tend to like resonant drums. By using deader drums you can increase and control the resonance of the drums with the drumfill and all are happy.
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  2. Dave, I saw the broadcast tonight—it was awesome. You made the band sound great and it was an interesting experience watching a concert live from a movie theater. It was a little odd at the end—you could feel the tension in the room… do we stand and cheer? start shouting "Flea!" with no end? Whistle? Clap? Yell?

    But traffic was great.

    Amazing concert—great work—and I can't wait to hear you in Phoenix, AZ!

    Rock on!

  3. what was the problem with "did i let you know"?