Sunday, April 24, 2016

New Peppers tour show day 1

So here we go again, in New Orleans with Chili Peppers playing Jazz Fest. Trying to get my head around shifting gears from home to travel world. Rolling over the mental lists of how to approach tuning systems and all the bits not to forget to keep in my rolly bag.

4 days of rehearsals went well. I have a pretty similar setup to last tour with a few changes so far. Most exciting is a brand new console. Well not exactly but close. We had a Midas H3000 at the shop which we pulled from an installation and has lived in a theater for 15 years. Oh my those smooth slidey faders!

Also I have a pair of the new Rat Sound SuperWedges I used for my rehearsal PA. Hope to carry them as reference wedges for as much of the tour as possible.

For rehearsals I had the SuperWedges in 4-Way mode. Input 1 on the amp drives them full range 4-way with one of the 12"s 40hz-80hz and the other 12" 45hz to 300hz. This cleans up the mids and extends to lows a bit over the 3-way setting.

What is really cool is that input 2 on the amp just drives the 12" I a using a a sub and input 3 on the amp drives the other 12" plus the 10" and the 2". So I had them hooked up as stereo triamp mains plus stereo subs on an aux to recreate my real world show setup.

Well alright, off to wander about the festival an contemplate my first show mixing on the Clair Cohesion 12 system.


  1. I was at the show in New Orleans. It sounded great and I knew from your Youtube videos that it would be an H3K at FOH. I picked up a used one a couple of years back for my small sound company and I love it!

  2. How did the Clair Cohesion 12 system do for you ?


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