Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dave Rat Blog - New Year and Down Under

Happy New Year and hello New Zealand!  

And here goes on a super fast power update and intentions on staying on top of blogging for the down under adventure. 

So I got to spend New Years with Kim doing gig at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas.  Small venue and fun show.

And now it has been nearly 6 years and we are back for a gig at the Vector Arena, Auckland.

Ha, well last time I was here Peppers got a particularly unpleasant show review mentioning sound 

Well, though the reviewer seemed to be of the minority opinion

After a few emails from friends and such feeling there was an injustice, I came up with the brilliant? idea responding:

And it turns out, I was not alone in my opinions of the venue sound:

Here is a run down at the time on my old blog.

Anyway, I just went for a wander through the Vector and it seems they have made some efforts to clean up the acoustics and am looking forward to a rocking show.

Oh, and how cool is it to see some Rat Sound amp racks that live here now!

Where Rat bought the L-Acoustics K1 rig back in 2008/2009 we sold a nice turn key V-Dosc rig to our friends at Oceana, New Zealand

Speaking of friends in New Zealand, here is pic of getting ready to Bungy jump last time here

Oh, the break time at home was great, thank you Kim for the cool Jacket!

Rat Sound has picked up a few Digico desks adding an SD10 and SD7 to our inventory.  Yah, I dont mix on digi boards unless I have to but Rat's philosophy is to offer the tools that the engineers need to do their gig and Digico does make some powerful consoles that are were liked. 

Some gigs are better than others....

So I come up with this great idea to buy inversion boots to hang upside down to stretch my back.  Yep, it worked great until I went to get down.  Turns out my back hurt so much that I did not have the strength to get back down. After a precarious bumble, and some help from Kim, thankfully I am not still hanging there.  Need to figure out a plan B.

Hey, if you are ever up in Ventura, ya got to check out Tony's Pizzaria. Just one of those places that have been there forever and makes amazing food.

On the SoundTools front, we are now making a Sennheiser to Shure adapter that lets you put a Senn dynamic cap on a Shure wireless handheld

And while digging through pics of things to share, on my way home from surfing

I stopped at a estate sale and found a pile of old cool home HiFi gear which of course I 'needed'

So now I have a super cool Pioneer RT-707, an old Sony Reciever and a yes, an 8-track recorder too. Plus a box of old tapes and such so I fixed it all and wired it in.

Speaking of  buying sound gear, Rat went big on year end purchases and stockpiled pallets of L-Acoustics, Shure, Sennheiser, Audix, Radial and more.  

It's our first real jump into stocking inventory and since we bought big at year end, we got some great pricing which we are all about passing on. Give Daniella or John Karr a shout by phone or email.

Say hey to my gals, gosh I am so crazy proud of them!

And back to now and hey look, the Rainbow Warrior is parked out back of the crew hotel!

 It is so darn beautiful here! Rented a can and out adventuring after a 14 hour flight and 8 am arrival

Oh boy! I have always wanted to see real quicksand!

So back to New Zealand and got to run in a few  as I have Seminar coming up shortly. 

How can you not love New Zealand!


  1. Glad you like it here and they're made improvements to the Vector, see you tomorrow! :)
    Although I'm not sure how quick that quick sand would be to be honest. :P


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