Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dave Rat Blog - New journey

Town car off to Lax and a schedule to rival the punk tour days.

22 fly
23 arrive
24 seminar Frankfurt
25 Show Frankfurt
26 fly Prague, seminar Prague
27 show Prague
28 fly Zagreb, seminar Zagreb?
29 show Zagreb
30 fly Bucharset, seminar Bucharest
31 show Bucharest
1. show Sofia
2. off Sofia
3. fly Athens, seminar Athens
4. show Athens
5. fly Beirut, seminar Beirut
6. show Beirut
7. Fly Istambul, seminar Istambul
8. show istambul
9. Fly Tel Aviv, seminar Tel Aviv?
10 show Tel Aviv
11 fly home or stay and seminar Tel Aviv
12 fly home

Yay! A day off in three weeks or at least wishful thinking and Kim and I will end up self destructing. We will be traveling light, fast and nearly independant of the actual tour.

Sustain-ability test and how cool would it be to be able to go on tour as a sound engineer without the band?

Oh, and I will try try to blog the unraveling sanity I somehow feel we are heading towards.

Bye bye to Sammy and Madeline just melt my heart and at least I was in town for the first few days of their senior year.

Well alright, off to Frankfurt and hey, I included a reference pic of recommended minimum package labeling in case you ever need to ship something.
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  1. testing sound limits of mind and ears..tour madness- hope you and Kim can share a straight jacket...that is quite a stint there.

  2. Phil Lesh did the same with the Dead.

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