Monday, July 23, 2012

Peppers Euro Stadium Tour Leg 2

Kiev, Ukraine and show 3 will be the day after tomorrow.

Oh the joy of being on a big cumbersome tour where we stand in lines comprised of clusters of our own 50+ humans standing behind each other in airports and hotel check-in lines.

A meterless cab ride from the airport as Scott, Leif and I traded out a 20 hour bus ride from Moscow over roads so rough that people were getting airborne in their bunks. Instead, a 90 minute plane flight and relaxing day in an interesting city.

Gigs 1 and 2 were St Petersburg and Moscow. Russia was a fascinating mix of curiosity, beauty and an uneasy sensation that the overly decorated roaming authority figures play by loose rules with a heavy hand.

So far the shows have been solid and fun, I have two system techs, Jim and Ulf who do a great job of setting up consistent systems in adverse environments…

I started off thinking I would be ok with standard sub arrays with endfire edges to increase coverage but that was not good enough. We have switched to a sub fan setup like I did for soundgarden and peppers arena tours and it is a night and day improvement. Clean, clear distinct sources and we moved them way ouitward to reduce sub on stage and it just sounds so good.

I will take and post pics soon. Ok, off to check out more Kiev and I recommended an trip out this way to all the adventurous and curious humans who enjoy finding fun things to remember.

Dave Rat

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  1. It it sad to say but shitless sound at Luzhniki. Why the venue was not conquared by your such a long term expertise? The band was fantastic but the sound...