Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dave Rat Porta-Blog Distilling Clarity

Hmmmm, well I came up with a very simple subjective method of comparing digi to analog based on what I once learned from asking a jeweler questions.

"How do you know a good diamond from a bad one?"

Well he showed me the x10 magnifier and went on to show me flaws in various diamonds not apparent to the untrained naked eye that we clearly visible magnified.

Hmmm, how can I apply this to audio? So I daiisy chained 10 analog console channels and 10 digi console chanels converting back and forth D to A ech time.

Basically a X10 multiplier of a common singular audio path. I found the subjective results interesting and confirming of my analog preference.

Being that my perception is subjective and we each tune in to differing flaw sets and we appropriate differing levels of importance to them I will recommend using this method to increase your awareness to the digital issues rather attempt to personally describe them.

Using this method to train our ears to pick out those flaws, the ones you can't quite identify but annoy, can assist in making improved equipment decisions for the application.

An experienced jeweler can spot a high quality diamond without the magnifier but first he/she had to know what to look for using tools that allow actual human eyes to see.

As we all know by now, the best specs in the world fail to trly tell us what something will actually sound like. For that we use our human ears hear.

Ok its' 5:45 am, I can hear the waves so I must hurry to catch daybreak surf. Wetsuit is still damp I am sure because I did not get it hanging up till 7pm or so. Not fond of putting on the cold wet wetsuit.

Weds morn and been home since Saturday, friday I'm off to Germany for another 3 weeks of Peppers. Gonna miss this bed and am really going to miss my gals and Rat family.


  1. well it is called a wetsuit for a reason;)

  2. That's interesting, the diamond thing.

    I was experiencing, the most impressive gemstones indeed had some flaws, the flawless ones were high quality but without soul.

    Does that translate to audio as well?

    Flaws and edges that get stuck in the end, add something to remember? Like Ringo's drumming, Keith's guitar playing etc.?

    This really gets me thinking...