Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dave Rat Porta Blog - Surfs Up!

Posh London hotel and I'd give the $50 breakfast buffet a miss if it was not included in the room. Stuffy condescending wealth is so annoying.

Promo tours are an awkward mishmash of hurry up and wait, shaving down an arena setup into TV studios and small clubs, and absolutely no feel of rhythm.

Facing four days off in London for the crew while the band continues with a full schedule of interviews and such in various other countries.

Last night was a video shoot at club Koko. Hey, I remember mixing Juliette Lewis there a couple years back. With the exception of carrying a Midas Verona analog board so I don't get stuck on the house digi boards, I actually have been enjoying mixing on the assorted house rigs. It went all good, plenty of PA and it just takes a bunch more work to dial up a Vertec, but hey, keeps me from getting lazy.

I mix differently for recorded shows that go to broadcast. I put the reins on a bit, moderate solo pushes and try and keep the show in a more stable and compact volume range. I didn't always do that. I used to lack clarity to see the bigger picture and dealt with sound from more of a solo project stance. Now I try and take all aspects into account. Its all about a cohesive balance between sound, lights, video, recording, sightlines and any other integral aspect that benefits the overall experience. It is when everything lines up that the shows become magic and would much rather have an awesome all around show than double awesome sound and have everything else suck.

Anyway, "Four days off in London?" Ewww, really? I like a lot of people here, cool stuff and culture but I have a better idea, how about Scott the Lampi and I do plane hop to Biarritz to catch the hurricane Irene swell headed that way?

Bye bye city, hello paradise and hopefully waves with consequences!

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  1. I enjoy reading that you do that for a broadcast mix. I remember being so annoyed at the 10 or 12 to one ratio comp on my board feeds to go off to broadcast so as to keep things within their accepted range. The odd thing NOW a days though, with all the advances in Home Theater Audio presentation, there's a LOT more dynamic range in what's presented these days. Movies, for example have the dialog toned WAY down so you jack the volume up to hear it only to have the big explosion car chase come in right after at 10 times the volume. It's interesting that you seek to keep things within a tighter range while all the broadcast productions seem to be doing just the opposite. I much prefer YOUR idea than THEIRS! (Just keep the SQUASH from having to do it! Do it with your OWN mix before they get their hands on it. LIKE that thinkology!)

  2. hope you and Lampi caught some waves, I don't blame you for heading out to play in the surf. Thanks as always for the education.

  3. Really good blog, very interesting, sometimes too technical for myself as a french reader but worth a read ;) thanks :)
    I can't wait to ear what youre going to do on french Taratata Show on Wednesday. I hope you re not going to be bored and assure you french food is better than english one...well I'm not talking about frogs :P

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