Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dave Rat Blog - Peppers Peru, The Decision Triangle

I used to find way more stress in making life directional decisions. Oh, what to do and how to navigate all the choices? I remember the anxiety of deciding to forgo a conventional career for the uncertainty of what led to self employed and life on the road. Over time using retrospective happiness as a guide, I distilled a formula that works well for me.

There are three primary variables forming a triangle that resembles a three cornered pyramid viewed from above. The three poInts are: enjoyment, education and enrichment, with the center-point being healthiness connecting them all. Whenever facing a decision on how or whether to expend a portion of my life in one direction or another, I ask myself "will I learn new and exciting things? Will I have fun and enjoy remembering the adventure? Will I return with enhanced life stability?"

The more "yes's" or "no's" I answer and the more powerful they are, the easier the decision becomes. What I seek is balance, a well rounded mix of 'yes' is better than a huge 'yes' and three solid 'no's.' For example: for me, I have no interest in doing something that pays massive money yet is miserable, mundane and unhealthy.

So to that end, one of the aspects I am embracing on this tour is to try and surf as many countries as possible between airports, hotels and rock shows.

Thank you Paulo, Juano and Harold for the awesome surf adventure in Peru and thank you Joe Ryan for lining it up!

I am a few days behind but next bloggery stop is peru and chile gigs while we get ready to rock Buenos Aires in reality time.
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  1. I love this!! You have a goal to surf as many countries as possible and you clearlly defined the parameters: Between airports, hotels & rock shows.
    I am older (actually just old) now but recall my "goals".. to find the best disco ("Diana's" won) then changed to finding the best "vichyssoise" (French cold potato soup) for which I'm still searching.

  2. a sensible formula- loads of money and no happiness will only pay future medical bills that you can avoid by choosing health and happiness- how warm was the water in Peru? Just curious. Take Care. Surf on.

  3. there's a saying "Fast, Good or Cheap. Pick Two." See

    Also, probably unrelated, "there's the right way, the wrong way, and the Max Power way." -H. Simpson